The WindowGarden offers some unique qualities to your home. It is designed to be the best partner for fresh herbs or orchids while at the same time saving important space. Many of us likes to keep moist

The WindowGarden sticks directly on to the window glass with a strong suktion cup which saves space and makes the window pane clutter free. The transparent material lets sunshine through, which warms the soil to generate better rooting. (It also makes it almost invisible.) De position on the window glass lets the plant enjoy maximum of the sunlight which is vital, as the indoor lights has the wrong wavelength for the plants to survive.

As the herbs often has grown with a very generous supply of water – keeping the soil moist is of upmost importance. The transparent material makes it easy to always keep about 1 cm of water in the pot. This will create the best conditions for growth and longevity.

129,00 kr

Vikt ,4 kg
Dimensioner 25 × 15 × 15 cm