GardenDrop Medi

The GardenDrop Medi is made of the highest quality waterproof fabric with built in UV protection for long-lasting freshness and sustainability. The fabric is Ökotex-labeled and made in Germany by a renowned manufacturer that has been producing luxurious functional textiles for several generations.

A GardenDrop Medi weighs 350 grams and holds up to 30 litres of soil. It has a velcro opening, protected by a microfiber lining.

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The GardenDrop pots combines an elegant, modern  – yet classic – silhouette with a design that has the plants best need in focus. The inspiration comes from the water drop – the source of all life for us and the plants we love. Made by hand out of the highest quality of durable outdoor fabric, the GardenDrop is a light weight, unbreakable, no fuss  beautiful design object made by gardeners, for gardeners.

The secret behind the GardenDrops is that it offer optimum space for rooting with the wider base and elegant, narrowing top. The shape is unique as it is impossible to create the same effect with use of classic, hard materials. The GardenDrop relies on its strong asian influences, yet being very contemporary and cosmopolitan in style.

Another benefit is that the narrow opening lets less water go to waste through evaporation than what happens with an ordinary pot – something you  and your plants will appreciate during any hot summer.

The GardenDrop Medi is the mid size pot in the GardenDrop Series. It is waterproof and made with the needs of small trees in mind – plants that you want to enjoy outdoors as well as indoors. It offers about 30 cm of root depth, so your citrus, olive or fig tree will love it.  Now you can dress up your terrace, balcony or patio with a pot that is ever as beautiful as the plants it will take care of.

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Vikt .5 kg
Dimensioner 45 × 25 × 3 cm