Christmas Glow White

This beautiful Christmas light is a unique piece of well-thought design. It is made of the highest quality Swedish cardboard, from trees that have grown in the deep forests of Värmland and Småland. Instead of using glue, the major parts are stitched together by hand, using thick thread that also adds a beautiful design element. It also adds to the genuine, Christmas handmade feeling that is so appreciated. This also makes the product easy to recycle and is even biodegradable (except for the LED-lights that are easy to remove).

The Christmas Glow comes in white or black and uses energy-efficient and long-lasting LED-lights to minimise environmental impact.

So, welcome to enjoy a Christmas light that actually makes a change towards a white Christmas in the future.

1450,00 kr Kr

Vikt ,5 kg
Dimensioner 50 × 2 × 50 cm
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