The world is complicated enough as it is. That’s why URBANERO’s ambition is to make it easy for everyone to create a beautiful garden, even if you don’t have space for one. We want all plants to bloom and reach their full potential by offering a creative variety of pots that are beautifully designed for excellent rooting, are easy to move and will never, ever brake or crack.

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Gardening connects us with our past, gives us hope for our future and joy in the now. 

Our mission with URBANERO is to improve life with products that have minimal impact on our environment and maximum positive effect on our lives.

The URBANERO range of gardening products are designed with a focus on the wellbeing of plants, the environment and the gardener. Because when plants are happy and strong, the gardener is too.

We use modern material that are functional, sturdy and strong. Our products offer great usability combined with an ultra low weight. This saves a lot of energy in manufacturing and all transports. 

Using textiles offers the opportunity to create pots that are designed to meet the needs of plants – we let their roots free!

The low weight and the longlivity makes our products great from a environmental perspective. The design and beauty makes them a pleasure from a human perspective.

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